Scrap Metal Collection Fundraiser

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The Clonakenny GAA Scrap Metal Collection Fundraiser will take place on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th January. You can drop off your items FREE OF CHARGE at Jimmy Hennessy Metals, Killea E41 V029. Your donations will help raise funds for the club and help you clear out your unwanted items. Please see the list of items below to know what can be donated.

✔ ????????? ????? - Saucepans, Kettles (not plastic), Irons, Cutlery, Clean Food Cans, Toasters, Electric & Gas Cookers, Cast Iron Baths, Taps, Sink Tops, Ironing Boards, Fire Grates, Radiators, solid Fuel cookers, Food Mixers, Fire Place (Steel), Drink Cans, Mobile Phones, Old boilers & Ranges, Plumbers Cooper, Electrician Wire, Waste Electrical Equipment, Copper, Aluminium, Lead, stainless Steel, Brass, Cast Iron, Electrical Motors.

✔ ????? ???? ????????? - Tractors, Tractor Batteries, Trailers, Hay Bailers, Silage Balers, Hay Turners, Slurry Tankers, Mowing Machines, Ploughs, Combine arvesters, Transport Boxes, Toppers, Agitators, Gates, Ring Feeders, orrugated Iron, Steel Barrels, Milk Tanks, Milk Cans/Buckets, Milking Machines, Milk Coolers, Fencing Wire, Structural Beams, Steel Pipes.

✔ ?????? & ???? ????? - Bicycles, Go- Karts, lawnmowers, Trampolines, Garden Gates, Swing Frames, Goal Posts, Oil Tanks (steel), coal Buckets, Steel Garden Furniture, Gas Heaters, Steel house Gutters, Golf Irons, Copper Brass, Aluminium, Lead, Electrical Cable, wheel Barrows, Cement Mixers, Old scaffolding, Water Pumps, Electrical Motors, Structural Steel Beams, Steel Sheets, Pipelines, Railway Lines, Electrical Cabling, Sheep Wire, Fenci, Wire.

✔ ??? ???? & ???????? - Car Shells, Car Batteries, Lorries, Diggers, Dozers, Axels, Cables, starter motors, Altenators, Engines, Car Radiators, Steel and Alu Wheel Rirns, Alloys, Digger Tracks.


For more information contact Walter: 0861028943 or John: 0862208023.

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