Last Man Standing 2023

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€500 up for grabs! The Clonakenny GAA Last Man Standing is back and better than ever. Put your knowledge of the English Premier League to the test and compete for a chance to win €500 for yourself! Here's how it works:

💶 Sign up for €10
🌟 Each round, select a team from the EPL
✅ If your team wins, you move on to the next round
❌ If your team draws or loses, you're out
🙅‍♂️ No team can be picked twice
🏆 Last person standing wins the prize!

Pay here 👇

Join the fun and support the Clonakenny GAA club at the same time! Sign up now and let's see who will be the ultimate EPL champion. Pay for your entry online and we will be in touch with all entrants to submit their Round 1 picks. Entries close on Thursday 2nd February 2023.

Each entrant may only select one team each round.
Only winners progress to the next round.
Once you have selected a team, you cannot use that team again in the current game.
If you forget to pick a team, you will be assigned the next available team alphabetically.
The game continues until there is only one player left.
If none of the remaining players pick a winning team, the game continues.
If the EPL season ends and more than one player remains, the pot is split.
If a game is abandoned, cancelled or postponed of a team you have selected, it is deemed a win and you progress to the next round.
Buy backs are available for eliminated players up until the start of Round 2. Your selected team will no longer be available to you in subsequent rounds.

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